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Life On Your Terms


Get to Know Us

Crosspoint Mental Health Therapy seeks to empower our community to be the most authentic version attainable by facilitating a solution to complex situations. Through that spirit and purpose, we will use the techniques of behavior analysis and mental health counseling to inform, improve, and illuminate our clients and those around them. We strive to be inclusive to clients, staff, and the community from all walks of life. 

Our Services


Psychological Testing and Diagnosis

We provide psychological testing services, to help our clients better understand themselves and the challenges they may be facing. Through this testing we are able to diagnose a mental health disorder, if any. With our compassionate and professional therapists, we create a safe and supportive space where our clients can explore their emotions and work towards a happier, healthier life.


Therapy Plan and Intervention

We understand that every person is unique and requires a personalized approach when it comes to mental health treatment. We believe that by addressing underlying issues and building coping mechanisms, our clients can lead healthier, happier lives. We use evidence-based treatment plans that have been proven to be effective in identifying and treating mental health conditions.


Therapy and Intervention

We are committed to providing the best care for each of our clients and offering tailored treatment approaches. Our therapists specialize in therapy, counseling and behavior analysis, and we are here to support you in overcoming life's challenges and living a fuller, more productive life. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you achieve positive mental health outcomes.

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5764 N Orange Blossom Trl PMB 61546, Orlando, FL 32810

(888) 232-7648 (Toll Free)

(888) 329-2764 (Fax)

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