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Freebies and Discounts Offered To Our Members

Freebies and Discounts Offered To Our Members
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We are thrilled to announce that as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have secured a wide range of benefits, including free items and exclusive discounts, which we are excited to share with all of you. Our mission is to provide you with the best support and resources possible, and we believe these benefits will further enhance your experience as valued members of our community.

As members, you play a vital role in our organization, and ensuring that you have access to these benefits is our utmost priority. We will regularly communicate and share information about these free items and discounts through our newsletters, website, and social media channels. We encourage you to stay engaged and take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your membership.

Freebies -

Adobe Express Premium 1-Year Membership

Microsoft Office 365 (Online Only)

Discounts -

Microsoft Office - $36.00

Microsoft Office for Mac 2022 - $36.00

Norton Antivirus 1-Year - $30.00

Ring Cameras (6) - $48.00

Zoom 1-Year Subscription - $18.00

If you are interested in a product, email mike@cpmht.com.